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A Davy Lamp, circa 1885


In 1815, British chemist Sir Humphry Davy invented a device that would revolutionize the coal mining industry.  It provided a safe way for miners to use a flame to see where they were going in the pitch black of the mine, while greatly reducing the chances that the flame would ignite the gases around them, causing an explosion that would kill anyone nearby.  The Davy Lamp, as it became known to coal miners throughout the world, saved many lives while lighting their way. 

Family lore has it that we are related to Sir Humphry on some far-flung branch of the Davy family tree.  I’ve never been able to prove it – I would like to try some day. But related or not, his invention inspires me several ways.

My hope is that my Davy Lamp – the title I’ve chosen for this new blogging adventure – also can provide some “light” to whoever chooses to read it. The word “lamp” itself implies that light can come in many shapes, forms and colors.  It might “light up” your day with an inspiring story someone has to tell.  Maybe I could help “lighten” your mood with an anecdote that will make you laugh.  Perhaps you’ll pause with me as we enjoy some of the world’s endless supply of beauty, whether it's expressed in nature, art, or the human spirit.

My biggest desire is to be able to share some of the experiences I've had in 69 years (so far) of a wonderful, blessed life in a way that adds just a sliver more of light in other lives.  Conversely, through the conversations we will have, I hope to be enlightened by others in equal measure.  Using the writing and photography skills I’ve honed over a nearly 50-year career in journalism and public relations, I will do my best to engage, entertain, inspire, suggest, gently cajole, and maybe even provoke a little here and there – thus brightening the “Davy Lamp” of knowledge for both you and me.

I’d like to think Sir Humphry would have loved this!

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